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Ophthalmology & LASIK Marketing

Are you seeking more patients? What segment of your practice are you looking to grow? Our web of ophthalmology consultants will help strategically design an action plan to acquire more patients.

Our mission is to provide honest marketing and consulting solutions for practices that are interested in growing at a fair and reasonable price. We are confident we can design a game plan that works for your individual practice. Between our network of marketing consultants, digital strategists, social media experts and copywriters we can handle a wide range of goals.

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Setting Goals

When was the last time you thought about setting some manageable goals? Are you just spending money on advertising and baffled about your ROI? You are not alone. Most practices have no clue and are often led down unprofitable paths. Because we have over 25 years of ophthalmology marketing experience, we certainly see the potholes to stay away from. With that being said every market is different and does require a certain level of trial and error to dial in the best media spend and conversion systems.

If You Want More Leads…

If you want more leads you need to have a plan to handle them. Do you have a call center? Do you use OptiCall? Do you have a refractive coordinator? How many call backs are done for each lead? What leads convert at the best rates? We see so many practices marketing with terrible lead follow up. You must fix this before you actually start marketing.

What is Your Lead Tracking System?

We do not suggest tracking leads in your email or a spreadsheet. Getting a CRM lead tracking system is the best way to handle this. You do not need to go out and waste money on 100k CRM because several exist that are affordable and very good. We had a hand in the creation of MDprospects that was built by refractive coordinators for refractive coordinators. MDprospects is one of the most affordable and robust CRMs built for ophthalmology and was the very first web based CRM for ophthalmology practices. With MDprospects you can track your leads, set educational drip campaigns, track ROI, Track patient status and even interpret your media to surgery conversion rates. If you are unfamiliar with MDprospects we highly suggest requesting a demo.

It’s Not Just About LASIK Marketing

Cataract lead generation and interest is booming right now. Do not miss the opportunity to acquire very good patients that could convert to a premium procedure. LASIK is not the only thing that needs promotion.

What differentiates us is the many aspects of ophthalmology that we have done marketing for. Flashes and floaters, pterygium, cataract surgery, dry eye syndrome, LASIK and general eye exams.

If you are interested in our 2020-2022 cataract marketing case studies and marketing ideas email us here for the presentation.

Our Digitial Marketing Services

Aside from strategic and tactical initiatives we also provide straight services if you are interested in just a simple approach.

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Paid Search Management
  • Local Search and Maps Optimization
  • Review Generation (MDidentity)
  • Social Media Assistance
  • Ophthalmology Copywriting
  • Content Marketing
  • Video Creation (editing & production)
  • E-mail Marketing
  • Drip Campaign & Funnel Creation
  • Self-Test Engagement Objects
  • Integrated Online Scheduling
  • Landing Page Design
  • Landing page Proxy Creation
  • HIPAA compliant forms

Do Not Overlook Co-Management and Opportunities with Referring Physicians.

When was the last time you reviewed what is going on with your incoming referrals from optometrists and primary care physicians? Do you participate in CE seminars or actively work on your network? We have spent hours building OD portals, working on CE presentations and created value add items for our practices to better support their referrers.

Ask about our popular CE course “Cybertools for Optometrists” email us here for a copy of the presentation.

We have worked with several of this nations, top co-management specialists and often collaborate with them on projects. Our refractive retreat has been very popular this year and entails and weekend of digital marketing, refractive coordinator and co-management training. Come as a group or as a single coordinator. Meet real refractive coordinators and co-management specialists – email us here for more information.

Referify is Coming Soon.

The Future of Referral Management and Appointment Intake Made Easy.

This is a referral system and CRM software all in one that make referring patients easy. In beta mode right now with 2 significant referral volume practices. Keep an eye out for this software coming out in early 2023. We are taking on demos at this point if you want a head start on this project.

Dealing With the Low Hanging Fruit.

One of the first things we deal with is handling the low hanging fruit. Here is a list of the items that routinely need clean up out of the gate.

Are you above a 4.0 and have 250 reviews? This is our benchmark we want all practices we work with to hit.

We need to clean the profiles and make sure the citations are accurate across the web. If you want an assessment on your local profiles and citation cleanliness email us here.

Is your website responsive to mobile and tablet?

To avoid litigation, we help practices get ADA compliant at varying levels and help set up processes that legally document efforts to be compliant.

Landing pages are our thing and we can do them quickly and with tested engagement objects.

If not, we can help and advise you. Everyone is different and we realize this scares many practices.

Ophthalmology Marketing Done By Experienced Professionals

We are happy to offer our collective of ophthalmology and LASIK marketing consultants, strategists, co-management trainers, refractive coordinator specialists, copywriters. We will create a plan that involves a wide range of options for you depending on your specific needs.

Schedule Your Free Ophthalmology Marketing Assessment Today

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