A new year means new marketing initiatives. In ophthalmology practices, 2022 was a great year for growth in new cataract procedures. New reports coming shortly will show the exact number of cataracts removed in the United States in 2022.

It seemed like there were times in 2022 when leads would drop, but interest in both LASIK and cataract surgery remained strong each month. Although there is a fear of a looming recession, ophthalmology practices should feel confident that they’ll do well in 2023. Keep reading to learn about the top 5 initiatives that practices can undertake to be prepared on their websites and in their marketing programs!

1. 2023 Will Be the Year that Your Patient Becomes the HERO

Every ophthalmology website has a patient testimonials section. These are prime locations for drawing attention to your brand ambassadors and getting them more involved.

Companies all over are recognizing both employees and clients in new and exciting ways. In the book Storybrand by Donald Miller, he discusses why making your client the hero is a surefire way to gain awareness. Contact Ophthalmology Web about how to execute this for yourself in 2023 at your ophthalmology practice!

2. Cataract Marketing in 2023 Will Continue to Rise

More and more practices are realizing the value of acquiring new cataract patients through marketing channels. The website search demand for cataract surgery on Google continues to rise year after year.

Preparing a basic marketing program could mean the difference in millions of missed revenues. Over the last year, we have seen the cost per acquisition go down while the total conversions have gone up.

The cost to acquire patients is a great value, and if your practice can convert several a month, the premium lens implants the practice uses will have a great return on investment.

3. Content Development and Blog Support Plays a Major Role in Website SEO Rankings

Google continues to seek original and authentic content. Once again, duplicate content will essentially be ignored for well-documented text with robust images and videos.

We are also at the beginning of AI-generated content, and we will be exploring how this performs on search engines and how to develop this with the most uniqueness while still creating patient-centric and engaging content.

4. Ophthalmology Referral Marketing Will be Digitally Orchestrated

Referral systems are now making it easier to refer, easier to capture patient information, and building automation to make communication between MDs and ODs much easier. This is a great time to get serious about building your referral network.

MDProspects is releasing a new product called Referify. Referify is a 4 pillar system including a web interface with login, an integrated scheduling system, a built-in referral CRM and a reporting system for both MDs and ODs.

5. Stop Neglecting Physician Profiles

Neglecting physician profiles means that patients get old information which is often outdated. They may drive to old locations, get angry, and decide to no longer see your practice as a patient.

This year, we will see more practices cleaning up outdated information on, specifically Google profiles. When was the last time you looked at your web profiles?

The inaccuracy leads to lost revenue. Inaccurate profiles do not get indexed as often in the map packs, where a significant number of patients look for their practices.

Are you ready to turn around your ophthalmology marketing in 2023? Reach out to Ophthalmology Web to learn more and get the results you want this year!